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03.19.2013 , 01:57 AM | #1
Yeah I know it sounds crazy but each time I check my Legacy Family Tree I stay thinking, damnit! my character is married to a girl that he has never even meet face to face, and have a son that he doesnt even knows how it looks like, his son has rival he has never meet or fought even once and he has an ally that never did something for him, other one has a brother that he never even knew he had (I know maybe they were took away after being born but if your story is not supposed to go like that dude ***?!) and that brother addopted a child he doesnt even know how the hell happened...

The point is, there should be a way to import al least one other character (with the possibility to switch him with another one whenever you want) to have him go around with you as your companion and have him fight along you (I.A. controlled of course) using the skills you trained on him while using it.

In the customization aspect maybe it should be locked for this kind of companion or even better to have the posibility to change their gear and have those changes being reflected on the original character.
I know there may be issues with the bounded items a solution could be that you can only change bound to legacy gear on them.

About dialogs they could say simple stuff like the dialogs that you listen with some emotes, or even dont say anything at all.

At least having a legacy related with you is already cool enough.