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On my realm i WARNED players about hacking lags, but all considered me NOOB. So i stoped to prove i am right even if i have seen enough to take conclusion. Ya, indeed, they can bug or lag the game so they can HACK undetected. Those programs exist since WOW game and are designed to work here too. You can see players untouchable like they are far away from you even if you are on top of them, you will see players vanishng, using /stuck bug to disapear 20-30 m away, you will see speed hack, lag hack and many more, ALL NBOT INVESTIGATED PROPER YET:

Good job DEVS. Be sure we love u for that!
Wow I have come up against a lot of the hacks since the release and thought I could identify them well... today I am playing PVP and every 2nd match was against the same team... sure enough all of a sudden there is massive lag when we are winning or trying to capture a node...
So I think it is me and leave the match
Next few matches against other teams, no problems... This lag kept happening... but only against this team
I asked on the open fleet chat and was told it is a lag hack... "phwfff" I said... how can they lag another player on another client when the game is server based?
Well after doing some research online and even finding a few forum/websites that detail how to do it...
I now believe it to be true...
This is a major problem because this goes beyond client hacks...
Anyway... when is Bio going to Fix the holes in the program and actually introduce a deterrent that will actually "deter" the hacking
A one week suspension is a joke... if they only play once a week, why would they care... how about making it a month to start then 3 months... then kicked completely
And before someone replies to this and says... it isn't a hack and hacks don't exist... and have you any proof?
Guess what I do... I have setup a recording device that is separate to the PC and recorded the different hacks... I have yet to send them to Bio as I can't get a response from Bio as to where I can send it.