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12.21.2011 , 05:44 AM | #28
The game has target markers which is all thats really needed. DBM is a raid timer tool and so far I've seen no need for anything like that. Omen is fairly irrelevant nowadays in wow as blizz gave tanks pretty huge aggro generation. I hope you didnt mention dps meters as thats just epeen stroking

If a dps decides to pull aggro on an unmarked or CC'd one then let them die, at somepoint they will do one of a few things. Mostly this will be either to learn that dps is primarily there to help the tank kill the designated target or ragequit after having died so often their gears broken. The latter may or may not come with a stream of abuse, noob calling, etc.

As a tank you have to be vigilant yes but not to the point of having traumatic stress by the end of the run brought about from having to rescue the same muppet over and over and over. Even the average wow pugger can comprehend the see skull kill skull tactic.