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Serously, yes to this. My general chat is filled to the brim on board the fleet with people shouting from who knows where about things I can't possiblely act on if I'm actually trying to... you know... play the game. But this is a minor point.

To those who think they are annoying distractions: just turn off chat bubbles or ignore them like you do the general. For a MMO designed for people who wish to play with a group, including groups of people they don't already know (if you don't like chat bubbles, I question if you really like MMOs), this seems like it should be a basic feature. In fact, with chat bubbles perhaps they could move emotes to chat bubbles and you could stop seeing them in your box as well.

In support (to BioWare): I have YET (after 3-4 months of playing) to sucessfully get someone's attention out in the field doing quests who I didn't know. By the time I send a whisper message they are gone down the way and it comes off as stalkerish anyway. Most people just ignore the general chat, although the purple txt does help catch attention sometimes. Most people I have found in this game are actually quite friendly, if you can meet them in a flashpoint, near the end, while you are all waiting for someone who just died to get back, when they finally check their chat window and actually LOOK for you to say something. I would not only enjoy the experiance more if I could offer a witty comment about the slug I just killed by frying it with lightning and someone would actually see it, I can only imagine how much more of a immersion it would be for a game you spent who-knows-how-long making seem real? I can pretty much gareentee you that someone who reads "fryed slug doesn't smell like I thought it would" in the general will not laugh like the person standing right next to me who saw the slug die by lightning while I was on low health and can see my displeased emote.

Being able to assosiate someone's words and name with a avatar is a very important aspect of rp and ought to be included in a much more natural way than it is now. I have been able to get rp elements going in completely non-rp games before by a clever qwip or IC response (while the player might be kinda bored walking through toxins taking low damage, I can assure you their avatar wouldn't be "I think my toes are melting...") This is completely lost without chat bubbles, as those who check their chat usually aren't nearby.

I strongly support this addition.

Glad to see the ball is already rolling from a page or 2 back and hope this post helps prioritize it.
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