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Jasin leapt above Scourge's lightsaber blade, flipped sideways, and pulled his lightsaber up to block the red blade as it nearly smashed into his head. Jasin grunted as Scourge's brute force pushed him back. He let his weight drop and rolled back, Scourge's lightsaber slapping harmlessly against the ground.

"You fight well, Jedi," Scourge said. "But you could be better."

Jasin pointed his saber at Scourge's throat. "If this is another lecture on the dark side...I'll pass."

"Hear me out," Scourge insisted.

The Sith Lord took a sidestep and raised his lightsaber to smash it down on the crown of Jasin's head. Jasin dropped to his knees, letting the saber graze past his head and singe the hair on the back of his neck. Then he came up in a roll and rammed his blue blade into Scourge's gut. Scourge winced in pain and fell back...and the "wound" fizzled as the cortosis armor diffused the lightsaber blade.

"I don't need the dark side," Jasin said. "See?"

Scourge shook his head. "I marvel at you, Jedi. You do not understand your opportunities. Do you not remember the victories you won for the Emperor while under his influence?"

Jasin's ears burned. He leapt in the air, bringing his lightsaber down toward Scourge's head. Scourge raised his blade and blocked it, and then kicked Jasin hard in the gut. Jasin toppled back.

"Ah, ah," Scourge mocked. "Temper."

"No," Jasin said evenly. "I don't remember anything from when I was the Emperor's pawn. And I like it that way."

Scourge sniffed. "That is a mistake."


"Because you will not learn."

Jasin shook his head. "Neither will you, apparently."

Then, almost casually, he hit Scourge with a Force push that sent him out of the dueling ring and splashing into the stream of water surrounding it. Several Jedi looked up from their meditations or training, but returned to what they were doing when they saw everything appeared to be all right.

"It's not going to happen," Jasin insisted firmly.

"Fine," Scourge replied.

"You know," a third voice said. "Jasin is not the only one who could turn."

Scourge and Jasin turned. Jedi Knight Praven stood, arms crossed, at the edge of the dueling ring. Jasin nodded to him, and Praven bowed slightly at the waist.

"Scourge," Praven said. "You could join the Jedi."

Scourge spat in the stream. "Never."

"I did."

"You are weak."

"Am I?"

"Obviously. Or else you have...mental deficiencies."

Praven raised an amused eyebrow. "I think my mental deficiency was serving Darth Angral, frankly."

"Angral nearly won."

"But he died."

"So did Jaric Kaedan."

"But the Republic won Ilum."

Scourge paused. "Point made."

Praven entered the ring and ignited his lightsaber. Before, immediately after his turn to the light side and during the Battle of Corellia, he'd continued to use his red blade. In the months since, however, he'd switched to a blade of pure white.

"Care to test me?" Praven asked.

Jasin tried to hide a grin, backed out of the ring. Scourge stood out of the puddle, squeezing water out of his white robe. Jasin had insisted he wear something at least vaguely Jedi in appearance when around the Temple. Scourge, surprisingly, had agreed, on the stipulation that he wore his old combat armor whenever they went on a mission.

"Fine," Scourge said.

He drew his bloodshine blade. The two red-skinned Sith stepped forward, saluted with their sabers, and leapt into combat. Scourge, with his three hundred years of training, had advanced his use of Juyo, the most aggresive lightsaber form to near perfection. He was a living weapon. Praven, however, tended to use more defensive Soresu, the preferred form of the Jedi, and had even before turning away from the Sith. Scourge leapt in and delivered several brutal blows that should have knocked Praven to his knees. However, the gray-armored Sith merely deflected each blow to the side in an almost casual manner. Jasin grinned.

Scourge swept at Praven's legs. Praven neatly stepped aside and swung his blade at Scourge's neck, and the Sith ducked under it, delivering a stab at Praven's abdomen. Praven twisted his lightsaber in a downward motion and blocked the blade, pulling his torso back so Jasin could actually see the millimeter of space between the tip of Scourge's blade and Praven's armored gut.

Several Jedi had gathered around the ring and were watching, the Padawans in awe and the Knights and Masters in keen interest, as the two Purebloods fought. Scourge stabbed at Praven's head. Praven dodged. Praven made a diagonal slash at Scourge's chest. Scourge blocked it and forced Praven back. Praven spun around behind Scourge in a lithe movement, ramming his lightsaber toward Scourge's back. Scourge leapt five meters in the air and came down with his feet directed at Praven's head. Praven flattened himself to the ground before Scourge landed and rolled aside. Scourge's booted feet slammed harmlessly into the ground.

The fight continued for almost ten minutes, more and more Jedi gathering around to watch, and eventually Jasin saw even Masters Satele and Kiwiiks emerge from the Temple to observe. Finally, it ended, not with a combatant victorious, but with both panting desperately for breath, standing several meters apart. Scourge deactivated his lightsaber first. Praven followed suit.

"You have left me much to consider," Scourge said.

He walked away, brushing past Master Satele, and slowly the observing Jedi dispersed. Jasin glanced across the ring to Satele and Kiwiiks. They nodded kindly at him and moved away.

As Jasin left, he watched Praven sit in the middle of the ring, lightsaber reactivated, and meditate, staring into the brilliant white blade.