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Considering how many people asked pretty much the same question in various different guises of language, the use of Mr. YellowDuck was warranted. Yellow ducks are adorable, but real ducks are the most terrifying things to be behold. Would have rather he used "Generic SWTOR Player #7789"?


Maybe Mr. Phillip_BW talks to his yellow bathtub duck a lot, to share his security ideas and secrets.
Okay, but getting serious for a second, we are pretty sure he is pulling all the duck references from the phrase "have your ducks in a row," right? Where else could it be coming from?
A classic sig that should not be lost:
Stunned , pew pew hack slash , stunned , running backward circles, stunned cannot move, pew pew, break stun, 30 second snare, wha?!?!!? stunned, knockdown, ...less stun more pew pew and hacknslash please.