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Things I often see mistaken for hacks.

1. Voidstar. You have the same amount of doors down, yet the other team wins. People think someone "speedhacked" to the next door.

Answer? They opened the same amount of doors you did in less time. The game finishes there. No one hacked anything.

2. Speedhacking.

Answer? Marauder/sents carnage/combat specs (you will see the Ataru form on their character, it is yellowish/orange, as opposed to blue/red), can group sprint people at 80 percent speed. Add to that? Force sprint can be used in stealth by sins/shadows.

3. Immune to CC.

Answer. Everyone hit them with their cc at once. This is a no no. Add to that sins/shadow can go force immune/tech immune. I have this happen all the time on my shadow (too much CC on one target). I will vanish/stealth and stealth cc, to prevent a fresh spawn from hitting our capper. I sit there waiting for them to trinket so I can stun them. What does someone do? Runs up and hits/dots them, or worse stuns them. Now they trinket and are at full resolve (white bar on their char). They can't be CC'd.

Am I saying there are no exploits? No. There are exploits in every game. Do I see them less in this game then others? Definitely. GW2 is far worse and so is WoW.
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