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03.18.2013 , 01:08 PM | #16
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Regarding the ability to change your forum display name -

Why bother if you are only go to do this "down the road"? If you feel it is necessary enough to allocate resources to implement it in order to allay fears from the comments here, it should be a day one item.

When you roll out the change on April 2nd and don't offer this, there will be angry posts and people yammering some more about the "lack of security" yada yada. Once they have been forced to use it for months on end and see that nothing has really changed, the desire for an alternate forum name will dwindle dramatically.

I'm not saying NO ONE will want it, of course some will always want this regardless of when you roll it out. But the adoption rate will be much lower depending on how long you take to put it in.

To sum up and stop rambling, what is the idea behind this if will be delayed a long time?