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Quote: Originally Posted by Leonalis View Post
When will this text be translated? Days, Weeks, Years?
dont be lazy

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So, basically, no more logging into the forums to post from work. Because, it always asks for security questions, and after the change it will require access to home email address, which I don't want to set up at work. Because, less secure.

Bye bye community. Love you all! Going to miss you lots! Gonna just play the game solo and mute.

PS: Was it your intent to make us look stupid with the way you exaggerated the "questions" in your post to be completely ridiculous? Your humor again? Whatever, doesn't matter.
if it always asks for a password then something is wrong, cause here it doenst.
only when i login from a new location
but it might be good that bioware gives a response to this before this system takes in plance

oh and btw lighten up, when they dont give feedback its bad, now they give too much feedback and its also bad
this guy at least try to do something, we need more ducks like this