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As soon as we detect an attempt to log in from a new 'location', we prompt that location for an Email Security Code which will be delivered to your Email Account (or Security Questions and Answers today). It is only after that prompt is verified that we will move the new location into an Authorized Location status. We do not remove your current Authorized Location as soon as a new location is detected. We keep a number (no I won't say how many) of Authorized Location's in the system, so an attacker can try to lock you out, but they will never succeed as they first have to validate themselves. From that point forward you will be able to log in from that new Authorized Location and at no point can an attacker actually lock you out.
i always have to answer my security question every time i log into the launcher and the forums even though i use the same computer.

i know for the forums i always have my browser clear the active logins/cookies and all the jazz so i think thats the reasoning for having to answer my sec questions everytime on the forums but i was wondering why i have to for the launcher as well
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