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This leaves two questions open for me:

1. How do you determine "changed location" ? before I got a authenticator, I was prompted my security question every day I logged in, simply cause my ISP hands me a different IP every day. The chance, that I will ever reuse the same IP is very low, even though I am always using the same computer. I would obviously not be pleased, if I would have to wait for a mail and enter some security code very single day in the future. Or is this security measure void, if there is an authenticator used ?

2. Since this information is obviously important enough that the security chief does post himself, how long will it take to get this information translated into the two other languages, that this forum supports ? (This time it is not "just before the weekend")

Oh and on a side note... Maybe I am just not getting the joke or it is lost in translation, but if I were making fun of customers, who are weary about security issues, by comparing them with a hysterical duck, my boss would likely lock me up in the companies basement and deny me any access to public channels.. .and he would do right.
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