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I have been playing around a month or so, and became a sub within the first week! My main is a lvl 27 merc, but I also levelled a Sith Assassin, a Sith Jugg and an agent sniper to lvl 15 too, as I wanted to check out all the story and abilities! It's awesome, as I now have the ability to make all my own mods/arnmouring and enhancements etc , so my adaptive armours are very effective!
I am enjoying the game immensely, I find the community not only freindlier than other games, but also funnier! I love the fact that I often chuckle out loud at the chat
I am still in "don't miss a single quest" mode, and am enjoying playing around on the GTN.
I'll level in time... there ain't no rush .
Glad you're having fun, for me it's nice to be a noob again!!!
Me too! I level at my own pace I'm in no rush, sure I could run around killing beasts in Drummond Kaas etc all the time but i'm not in a hurry. I like stealth(ing) a lot, and I tend to do a lot more side missions before continuing my main objective. I absolutely LOVE my Khem Val! He's my tank. O.o somehow I joined a guild ( I really wasn't even trying to) Did a few um Instances (is that what they are called? Or am I channeling Blizzard ) I didn't particularly care for it but I did them anyways. I haven't really talked to my Guildmates (not for lack of trying) but BESIDES all that I am having a blast! Lol I feel bad for my Smuggler she's still at Lvl 3....