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I would like to ask for the following things for other classes.

Everyone should get a ranged stun.

Everyone should get a friendly pull.

Everyone needs sprint. It isn't fair that a sorc can run back to a node/door after a death faster then other players.

Classes without a knockback? Get one.

Ranged interrupt on melee classes? Yes please.

Ranged slow on all melee classes. Yup I need this as well.

Instant cast 2-3 k heal that can't be dispelled (bubble). Yup. Definitely going to need that.

Lower all dps rotations to that of a madness sorc/hybrid so we can all play our classes on our X box controllers, while eating nachos.

All classes should be able to heal themselves when LOS'ing behind a pillar. I feel my Pyro PT needs this since sorc's have it. Wouldn't be OP at all. Also my carnage marauder would like it also. Root, los, heal self would be totally balanced.

Since all classes except jug are pigeonholed into one spec for ranked, but only sorcs feel the need to complain about it 24/7? We want other viable specs as well. We are going to throw a tantrum and DEMAND a developer talk to us until then as well. Getting our inner sorc on.

Also I would like a healing/tank spec for my marauder and sniper, so that at anytime I can respec for free and carry bad players in pugs. Topping dps just isn't enough sometimes.

Until 2.0? Everyone needs bubblestun baseline. Think about it sorcs! Less time spamming bubble. More time bunny hopping!

Instant aoe mes. Needs to be on all classes.

Melee attacks need a 30 meter range.

Cleanse. Hells yeah!

/signed all other classes who don't get any developer attention due to forums being dominated by crying sorcs. who yell at other sorcs, who say they are fine.
So you want a god character and want everyone else to be god characters? Cuz that's what I saw when I read this.
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