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Thank you for all your responses.

Asbalana, you hit the nail on the head.
" I would say that crafting should be on an equal level and provide the same quality of rewards as the other parts of an mmo".
At present I feel Amormech and Synthweaving are not providing the same quality of rewards. They instead provide levels of convenience to be able to craft something in particular for your needs or alts. I certainly find nothing of value that can be made to at least earn enough credits to cover your mats + time and have a decent profit.

Take the new embargoed items vendor at level 43. None of the artifact items made by an Armormech can compete with those and if they try to sell it at over the 40k ask price well it's just not going to sell even though crafting offers players an alternative to having to get reputation for same level gear. What should have been done is the vendor offers either higher or lower level gear but just not the same level so as not to undermine crafters making a particular level of gear.

Maybe I'm just old school.

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