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Can you show me what spec you are using for dps sorc, OP? I'd love to see how Sorcs are so over powered. You should write a guide.
I would like to see that too, it's not lightning as I ahve played that since beta. If left alone I will widdle down others but I spawn in PVP with a big sign on my head ("Free Kill"). So only bads leave me alone.

As to your request, come on people ask for a lot on things on the PTS, I saw a thread where Merc's were asking for some DPS love, (please who let them out of the basement). If they did that who would sorc's make fun of than?

Even saw a thread where a smash monkey was asking for a one button key everything in 60m. That does not mean he will get it. (like they don't already have a damage AOE attack).

I do agree I see a lot of threads asking for sorcs to have more deffensive ability, I think it is misguided as we are not tanks. I do think that some trees need some love, but understand balance is key and they are trying to balance two types of play at the same time (PVP & PVE). But than again that has been their problem from the get go.