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Have you noticed that all your posts are comparing Sorcs on Live servers? The people posting on PTS are asking for the one spec that has the worst DPS in the game to be brought up to be on par with the other classes. Oh yeah cause it got worse with the updates on PTS.
It's even worse than that. He's comparing some sort of mixture of past, future and present sage to other classes. Apparently, according to him, just because they were good healers at release (*) they deserve to be nerfed. And apparently they're somehow OP on PTS because they have stunbubble on live. Don't ask me how's that "logic" work.

(*) no they weren't. People just didn't play as well back then and didn't know how to focus the sage, but put 1.0 sage in today's warzone, with smashers abound and people going out of their way to kill them and they have a snowball's chance in hell of lasting long enough to make a difference.