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I'm pretty new to SWToR but I'm not new to MMOs. Previous MMO's had support sites dedicated to providing game information. WoWHead, Allakhazam's, etc. I'm currently having extreme difficulty finding the House of Rist for the Sith Inquisitor quest on Alderaan, "A Woman Scorned".

Is there a site for SWToR that provides detailed information on quests? I've found several that give the quest names, relevant npc's and little else.
The location of your mission should show up on your map. Press M to open it and look for green markings. Some missions that take place in general areas are indicated by little swirling icons instead of green marks. General, a green arrow indicates something you need to enter, such as a building or bunker, or that you need to move into the next area. Clicking on a green arrow usually opens up a map of that area. A green filled triangle is a specific thing you need to interact with.

Make sure you haven't untracked your mission.

SWTOR Spy has a few screenshots of maps that show were some missions are, but not all of them.
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