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I am going to wholeheartedly disagree with this thread's point.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with the way the EXP is right now.

You do not HAVE to do every single quest, and talk to every single person, and kill every single mob in every single area. You can skip something if you wish (I skipped Taris, I found it tedious and I'll likely do it on another character).

We need to stop judging everything based on our previous experiences in MMOs. This is a new game, and a seemingly new goal. The storyline is what sets this game apart from the others. There are two factions with four classes each that have unique storylines. Of those storylines there are two Advanced Classes per class, which will have entirely different playstyle experiences.

If the experience seems accelerated, has it not occurred to you folks that this might be BY DESIGN?!?!?

Perhaps rather than games like WoW, EQ, etc etc etc, you are not meant to have one "Main" and put almost all of your hours logged into the game playing that guy/gal. Perhaps we are supposed to explore multiple characters, that have different stories and different playstyles? Perhaps we are expected to reach the level cap in a short amount of time, and in turn explore the other faction?

Stop looking at the abundance of EXP as a curse, and realize that it will empower you to have more characters and experience more of the story, and play more "types" of styles.

I'm personally stoked that in a few weeks I will probably be able to start leveling a Sith side character and experience that aspect of the game, and not feel like I have to wait six months.
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