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It's a shame that this is your experience.

Personally, I'm thrilled that I've leveled and unlocked so many schematics for so many professions. Having 11 alts, it's helped cross-gear my own characters and their companions.

I also make money selling things from 10-45, as well as some of the higher end gear. In fact, anything I put on the gtn from 10-45 is gone within a day.
Interesting. I have a Synth and Armormech at 400, each with a large book of schematics and still buy adaptive gear for leveling alts the minute I hit fleet. I do eventually replace that gear with crafted or dropped items because the cheaper adaptive gear which does the trick stat wise once modded is very ugly.

My wife has a 400 Synth and early on after launch spent a ton of time REing and a ton of credits buying rare schematics. All of her alts are now geared in CM stuff which she buys on the GM because they are much more attractive to her. Except for a low level belt or bracers, I don't remember the last time that she crafted anything.

After launch I did sell some gear but have not done so for a long time because I found sales slowed down and did not return much profit.

Crafting, in concept, is a mini game within the game, a way to progress, and a way to make credits that has the potential to keep a large segment of the community engaged. It is a shame to see the state that it is in and consider the loss to the game itself. Over the outraged cries of the entitled and elite raiders, I would say that crafting should be on an equal level and provide the same quality of rewards as the other parts of an mmo.