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not a clue.

there was short-lived thread on the PTS forum from someone whining about how Thermal Det had a lack of synergy with the rest of the Pyrotech tree, and that they wanted it to proc some kind of DoT. that thread is since buried and did not received overly positive reactions from the community, yet it seems to be the thread bioware chose to listen to.

go figure
Are you *********** serious?!?!?!! WHY!! They nerf the ONLY viable DPS spec for PvP! WHAT THE FLYING F?!?!?!?!! Bioware you are seriously screwed over in the head if you don't revert these changes ASAP! What are we supposed to do NOW?! Commando/Merc healing is at the bottom of the pvp healer list also! Now we are COMPLETELY useless.
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