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I don't know if it is just me but why do I feel that crafting any kind of gear or weapons is completely pointless because anything you make is never going to be of any use or even make decent credits from. Now item modifications dictate everything to which only a few can craft making a very uncompetitive market and items very expensive.

Things were not like this before. I took pride in learning schematics and what I crafted was at a very competitive level to what item modifications can offer. Don't get me wrong, Item modifications should always be better but the gap between these and crafted gear used to be small but now it's a huge chasm.

If that was not bad enough even the vendors that sell gear is better then what you can make at the same level and even have slots. It is really depressing when you see such changes to literally make crafting gear obsolete and have no consideration to those who love the crafting theme to the game and completely undermines all the work they have put in.

Take the [[Prototype] TD-07A Dread Scout Headgear]. I spent allot of time to RE the schematic and now someone can just buy it off the GTN and it is actually better then what I can make. What is the point of then doing any crewskills for crafting gear when you get slapped in the face for your efforts. Bioware you really should be ashamed to be doing this to crafters.

I used to really enjoy this but sadly it is no more. Gear crafting is truly dead!

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