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I really find Balmorra the most annoying. I'm planning on doing a Consular play through just to figure out how we go from "Rioting breaks out on Coruscant and a humiliated Republic is forced to withdraw from multiple sectors after the revelation that they were supporting the Balmorran resistance in violation of the Treaty' to 'The Jedi knock over the Imperial government of Balmorra and install Republic allies, nobody bats an eyelash."
I did and found Balmorra the most wonderful of the planets the Republic won, shortly followed by Corellia. IMO it weren't really the Jedi who knocked over the Imperial government. In the end, it were the Balmorran Resistance. The Empire continued to oppress Balmorra and the people continued to raise up against them.

In the Balmorra Imperial worldquest, there is even dialogue which alludes to that:

PC: "Darth Lachris, you should show the Balmorrans that we are not their enemy."
Lachris: "Thanks for the tip, but I have my own plans with Balmorra."

Darth Lachris should have listened to that.

While the Jedi Consular is crucial on Balmorra, the plan comes from a Balmorran (Tai Cordan) and a Balmorran (Zenith) does most of the work.

On Balmorra and Corellia the Empire assumed that if it would treat the planets a little better than other conquered worlds, the people would welcome them with open arms. Which was a terrible miscalculation. The people started to fight, even after being bashed several times.

(Actually I wouldn't have minded if Ilum was an Imperial victory, but on those two planets it was pretty clear that it always was Republic+the people vs Empire, so the Empire loosing is seems right.)

Also, as I already said, I would really like to see a true imperial planet like Ziost in the future. With the Republic in the offensive, this might actually happen. (Republic can loose then, that wouldn't be a problem. But please break the pattern Empire invades -> Republic drives them back.)
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