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I am a experienced dps player. I have dps in many games for many years.
What i am finding here as a main issue is lack of target of target window and tanks that wont mark targets. I dont need threat meters or any of that junk. But i need some type of indicator of what target my tank is on! Ether premark the targets or tell me which one you want dead first! All to often here in this game i am drawing agro because the tank is not on the target i am even though i waiting to try and see which one he was going after.
A tank today was commenting that there is no easy way to mark targets on the fly. Seems you cant keybind the marks.

Right now there is no way for me to be sure what you are targeting sometimes. We have ranged tanks for Force sake. Time to roll it back a bit and realize its not the same old hat anymore.
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