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A *great* Shadow, on the other hand, is going to know how and when to abuse the living hell out of Deflection and, especially, Resilience.
Maybe you could give an example on how to 'abuse' Deflection, seeing as it is a 2 Minute CD still? Say for EC Kephess.

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Well this was written by my favorite tank in the game (only judged by that I have done so much endgame content with him). The player is also my favorite gunslinger and Focus spec Sentinel. Again, so may not have anything to what he is doing, but more to do with us playing so much together that I know when I need to really focus healing on him and when I can largely ignore him and top off the rest of the raid.
Sadly, while that primer IS informative, it does not address the one issue I was curious about: How to deal with those situations where Kinetic Ward is stripped off early. It only mentiones that this is when Shadows are in trouble.