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Striges, the turn at the end of your Music piece is heartbreaking. You do such a good, and deep, and thorough job of showing how lonely Sha'ra'zaed is, throughout her story.

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It's nice to see how kind Ruth is and how much Wynston looks out for her.
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Still, if I'd known I was to be the last interesting sexual experience of her life I would have tried to arrange a few more hours off work with her back on Nar Shaddaa.
Good Guy Wynston: Always willing to help a lady friend. In all seriousness, in his noncommittal way he does like it when nice people get good things, and gets irritable when people mess with that...but I'm still snickering right now.

Now some Music, dedicated to my neglected Colran Niral, Ruth's father, some 31 years before Ruth's class quest starts. 1300 words. No game spoilers.


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