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It is getting annoying. They seem to be able to churn out CM stuff pretty quickly and yet we are still waiting for an addition to the CE vendor. Why couldn't one of those mounts just be put on there for credits... HMMMM ?
That they do! Which is easily covered by the single best EAware statement ever:

"Reputation is based on money spent! - Although to an extent this is certainly true as the Reputation is gained by opening Contraband Packs, keep in mind that if you do not want to spend Cartel Coins on packs you always have the option of purchasing them through the GTN from other players. I know this will not diffuse the notion that it is a "pay to Reputation" but it is an alternative to spending Cartel Coins if that was your primary concern." -Eric Musco

You better call Chris Angel cause you just got MIND FREAKED !!