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03.15.2013 , 12:24 AM | #26
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(almost) every patch is new stuff in the cartel market, but never about things that players want or need(dont mean the crys for buffs and nerfs) there are hight amount of litle things that can appease the SWTOR comunity
like someone said in this post, this game will turn P2W, litle by litle, patch by patch will apper in the cartel market more stuff that is P2W,
the rep. sistem is a good way to put ppl to play more, but now, just buy it

edit: i am not against CM
It is getting annoying. They seem to be able to churn out CM stuff pretty quickly and yet we are still waiting for an addition to the CE vendor. Why couldn't one of those mounts just be put on there instead of in the packs... HMMMM ?

Because they just don't give two rats about our support once they have our $150, that's why.