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No one said we should play the game either. Given the course of the CM, and the devious, yet rather intellignet mutation of an MMO game mechanic, I can see why people would choose to no longer support the game in rep grinds that can be bought. I can see why some might choose to no longer support the game at all. It's all optional after all.

After all, if your not going to play the game and can just buy rep. Why play at all.

But maybe this new corporate, buy your rep level, for the CM which is clearly more important than being a consistant subscriber, will get people's name on a plaque at the BW office.
You can buy rep for a rep based on buying stuff. How will you get the rep for buying stuff if you don't buy stuff? I'm sorry the little bar in your legacy is haunting you so. Perhaps you can find life fulfillment by making another bar go to the top.