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Quote: Originally Posted by slafko View Post
Removing titles? Are you insane?
Nope, just used to it happening, so I was asking.

Quote: Originally Posted by Leovinus View Post
If you've never seen this kind of query before, then you may not understand why someone might "jump to wild conclusions" about you. This is typically an inquiry/request made by those who have the title and want to keep them exclusive so they can stand around on the fleet making themselves feel superior. Myself, I've never seen the behavior you speak of (removing title access while the actual content remains in place), bu then, I've never played the particular game that the vast majority of the population has, so maybe that's the origin of this kind of thought, I don't really know.
A LOT Of people have played WoW, unfortunately. A lot of things Blizzard has done taints other MMOs, partcularly SWTOR, to an annoying degree at time. (not everything originated with WoW either, but other MMOs before it). But mostly people come in with a lot of MMO "baggage". Like if you mention *damage meter* you will probably have a lot of people bitter towards them because they were booted from a group for having perfectly good but less than top notch dps for something simple and easy or you had to always see the guy that posts meters every pull to show off how leet he is.

Anyone who actually ever played in game with me would know that I'm about the least likely person to be looking around to be seen as "superior". But I know that hardly anyone on these forums actually have, I just don't always type in a manner that considers all types of players' "filter". I.E. some people's filter is the "everyone who defends anything about the game is a mindless fanboi/Biodrone" or "quit complaining about the game or leave!" and other people are "down with elitism!"

So yeah, seriously, I just want to know because this has come up in conversation a few times. <.< I'd hope they would give a warning if they ever decided to do that.
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