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12.21.2011 , 05:14 AM | #48
I wouldn't say it's a lot harder than the other two bosses in the instance, it just less straightforward and requires tactics.
We did it twice yesterday, first with a 24 jugg (tank) 28 assa 27 merc and 21 sorc (heal), then the sorc left and we got a 26 merc healer. What worked for us was me (assa) going in with tanking charge, quickly burning the consular down, after which the jugg taunted one of the ranged guys (trooper) and then kited him around the big container in the left part of the room. Meanwhile me and the merc burned down the sentinel and smuggler, leaving the trooper to be killed last. Both his abilities are interruptible or avoidable so he's quite easy. We had a couple of wipes when leaving the smuggler alive due to his extremely powerful sweep ability.

That being said, the fight feels extremely satisfying once they go down, people just need to start thinking out of the box other mmos have put them in, i.e. in WoW none of this line of sight kiting the ranged and a dps offtanking would have worked.

Another viable tactic is to actually burn all of them to low hp (10% or something) then kill all of them at once. The damage they deal before enraging is much lower than most gold+ enemies.