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Don't forget that hybrid Jugg/Guardian tanking is most likely off the table in 2.0. They have tied some of the key abilities that you do the hybrid for to your form. When in Soresu the abilities will not work as the trees stand in 2.0 right now.
True. I'm really looking forward to tanking full defense in 2.0 (though not looking forward to being stunned and knocked back by every trash pack that I leap into).

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how far will we go in the middle tree with 5 more points to give due to levelling to 55?
Since there is a new tier of skills in each tree, 31 pt abilities are now 36 pt abilities. So if you want the top talent in a tree (and you will for 2.0 Defense), you won't be able to get any higher in a second tree than you can right now.
A classic sig that should not be lost:
Stunned , pew pew hack slash , stunned , running backward circles, stunned cannot move, pew pew, break stun, 30 second snare, wha?!?!!? stunned, knockdown, ...less stun more pew pew and hacknslash please.