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It has nothing to do with me wanting recognition. You can get off your high horse now.

Since you didn't really read what I said I'll quote myself again, from two different posts:

But thanks for jumping to wild conclusions about me. You have quite an imagination.

But none of this really answers the question. I supposed I can assume no, but I try to avoid living by assumptions. (unlike some people ).
If you've never seen this kind of query before, then you may not understand why someone might "jump to wild conclusions" about you. This is typically an inquiry/request made by those who have the title and want to keep them exclusive so they can stand around on the fleet making themselves feel superior. Myself, I've never seen the behavior you speak of (removing title access while the actual content remains in place), bu then, I've never played the particular game that the vast majority of the population has, so maybe that's the origin of this kind of thought, I don't really know.