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I seem to recall the last time the event was on there were actual flagged missions for defeating Xenoanalyst II and the two WBs. Seeing the event had restarted I went back into this zone, grabbed all the missions from the terminal (I had enough standing that I can also get Advanced Training). I joined a group to kill Xeno, was able to obtain loot, but there was no flagged mission for it. Is it a one time deal and after that basically treated like any other world boss?
The quest you are referring to would be [AREA] Combat Specimen and was a 1 time quest. Not really sure why you would want to actually pick that quest up except for the sake of just doing it because the only reward you received from it was 11k credits. Besides that quest, the 3 world bosses are treated just as world bosses.

Both 8 and 16m share a lockout within the same difficulty just as any operation. This has not changed since the last time they released the event.
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