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This is more a comment on the cartel system overall, but also has to do with the new reputation. I dislike seeing items being gated behind reputation that can only be earned through spending real/virtual currency. This alienates a subscriber base, who in reality is your most loyal customers.
It alienates both subscribers and preferred customers, for they are both spending money on the system. BioWare seems to think that preferred customers are not paying customers.

Capitalism and freedom are paramount across the board. While companies have a right to raise or lower prices, the consumer also has a right to choose if they want to participate. If the micro-transactions are becoming taxing, the consumer will hold back on making purchases. When a customer is not satisfied with a product, the consumer will always have the option to walk away.

I guess the questions come down to: (a) What type of company does BioWare/EA want to be? (b) Are they willing to risk everything on expensive micro-transactions? (c) How much money are consumers willing to spend?

Many people will walk away without saying anything.

Only time will tell.