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03.13.2013 , 10:58 PM | #106
keep on point people,
this is as constructive and straight to the point as i can think of at the moment.

-I think that this Cartel reputation system has no place next to the other ones it should be far less intrusive and should not taunt us constantly every time we check the reputation tab.

-The way its integrated in to the lore just deeply upsets me from any role-playing perspective (its a constant reminder of real world money and the business side of the game)

-I think the concept of rewarding people who spend money in the Cartel Market and giving them options for getting more vanity items is a great move, but again it is way to intrusive and is presented as a part of the game not the cartel market (witch is the biggest issue i have with the system)

-My suggestion would be making it part of the Cartel Market UI instead of having it as a faction within the game.

-Making the certificates BOL would be a welcome change, i see no reason for keeping it bound to a character.

-The notion of adding more of these real world currency factions in game as time progresses just disappoints me to the point where i want to just stop playing entirely, once again making this tied to the cartel market UI and out of the game systems and lore would probably alleviate most peoples disgust with the matter.