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I had an idea. I'll call it Alternate Perspectives. It is just four people commenting on each other's relationships on canon Ruth (Ruth Means Compassion)'s Voss.

Ruth, Wynston and co. all fall in together for some late-planet quests on Voss; it is the last of three occasions during the class line when Wynston, Kaliyo, Ruth, and Quinn are all in one place (the first was Nar Shaddaa, the second was Alderaan).

This takes place about a month and a half before Ruth ends her class line. That places it about a month before the split point of the Lodestone AU (canon: Wynston does his solo agent thing after stuff hits fan, Lodestone: he goes to Ruth after stuff hits fan). Spoilers for Sith Warrior Act 3. 900 words total.


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