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The holodancer is available in game? Where can I get it?

The reward part is that you know when you open a pack you always get "something" instead of occasionally getting a pack of stuff that is worth nothing. When someone says "so only the ultra rich and lucky can get this stuff!" then that's just jealousy. There is nothing on those vendors that you need, it's all cosmetic and vanity. I would love a holodancer, I can't get it without buying a collector's edition. I chose not to buy that and save my money and I'm not jealous that those who paid for those boxes got something cool.
Nice way to spin it, I did say some as in not all. But give it time i'm sure they will call it" Twi'lek memory "or something AND heal you while you look at it.
But yes you are right as you do get something in every pack,which I was pointing out that you do get rewarded for buying the pack with something.And you can turn around and make a profit from it. But now imagine if you had a chance to not get something?? Wouldn't be so popular now would it? Yes you can buy the stuff off gtn but in doing so they are moving away from core game mechanics (I:E: crafting...remember that??)and making everything attainable for real money. If this continues then they should simply remove ALL professions or at least ,leave only mod schems and remove the rest as there is NO purpose what so ever in them now.
Look i'm all for rewards but they should've been something like legacy bound consumables ,like fireworks or class exp boosts, instead of taking away from the game, the paying customer,and overall quality of this game.

Any ways I'll stop now because it's obvious you'll continue to pay regardless of what they put out there. So I'm done.. you win.
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