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As for items you get from collectors edition..some have been recolored and not really unique anymore. The pre- order items, in case you haven't noticed, they will release on cm with different name. So ....
But anyways to call this a "reward" when they are already getting items bought for, and some cases ingame credits for selling said items, I think is what making people mad. I don't think it has to do anything with jealousy but rather feels like a big middle finger to the paying subs who showed their support by staying with the game when over 1 mill (?) subbers left.
The holodancer is available in game? Where can I get it?

The reward part is that you know when you open a pack you always get "something" instead of occasionally getting a pack of stuff that is worth nothing. When someone says "so only the ultra rich and lucky can get this stuff!" then that's just jealousy. There is nothing on those vendors that you need, it's all cosmetic and vanity. I would love a holodancer, I can't get it without buying a collector's edition. I chose not to buy that and save my money and I'm not jealous that those who paid for those boxes got something cool.