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I thought she just left the Jedi Order. Went off by herself to contemplate life or something.
SWwiki writes this:

Around 20 BBY, Tano's friend Barriss Offee, who believed the Jedi Order to be evil, and corrupt, and overly belligerent, orchestrated the bombing of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, killed the bomber, Letta Turmond, and caused the deaths of clone troopers while framing Tano for these crimes. While running away from Republic authorities and Skywalker, who still believed her to be innocent, Tano met her longtime nemesis Asajj Ventress and briefly allied with her, since both were on the run from their masters. Tano was led by Offee, the only Jedi whom she still saw as an ally, into a trap at an abandoned Coruscant warehouse in Coruscant's Undercity, where she was captured by Skywalker's forces. The Jedi High Council then expelled Tano from the Jedi Order and turned her over to the Republic for trial. Tano came very close to a conviction and death sentence, but she was acquitted at the last minute by the forced confession of a captured Offee. While the Council pardoned Tano and offered to bring her back into the Order, Tano refused, and she left the Jedi Temple.

On the encouragement of Tarkin and the senate, the Jedi Council expelled Ahsoka from the Jedi Order, so she could be tried in a military tribunal. Padmé Amidala agreed to represent Tano, while Tarkin represented the prosecution. Just as her verdict was to be delivered, Anakin arrived with the real culprit, Barris Offee. Tano was shocked to learn that her friend had been setting her up. Afterwards, the Council offered to re-instate Tano to the Order. However, Tano, feeling she couldn't trust the Council, or herself, anymore, refused and left the Temple. Anakin followed her and tried to convince her to stay, but she reaffirmed that she needed to go on her own path, stating that she knew that her master understood the feeling of leaving the Jedi.

Or is this all in season 4? Haven't seen them all yet.