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03.13.2013 , 02:14 PM | #30
So let's see. F2P launched around half a year ago. Since then, we've got one full shipment. Let's assume that you will need only 300 packs(most likely more) to reach legend and get some certificates. This means 20 packs per month. Fact that no subscriber ever will be able to reach that without spending exta money is obvious. What is not obvious, is that anyone interested in that rep will have to shell out 300x320 CC, 96 000. Assuming best priced CC, this is over 17x5500. Almost 700$ on top of 80$ subscription each 6 months.

This is not reward for people purchasing packs from CM. This is reward for people purchasing TONS of packs from CM. Person that will invest 'only' 100$ to each shipment will hardly get any reward. If they're lucky, maybe enough rep to get to Friend. Another six months, another grind from scratch just to get nothing.

I won't get into discussion if whole rep idea is good or bad, but if you intend to 'reset' it (I know, it's not reset, but with new rep and removal of old packs, it's damn close to one) with each shipment, it fails to serve purpose of rewarding buyers. But I guess true purpose is just to make people pay tons of money for some crappy headgear, without paying for it directly.