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What is the Cartel Market Reputation System?

We’ve added the Cartel Market Reputation System as a way of rewarding players who purchase multiple packs within a Shipment. Each Shipment will have its own Reputation track.
So, wait, does this mean that all future reputation systems will only be via the Cartel Market?
Why will each shipment have its own reputation track? That doesn't make any sense, it's going to be hard enough to get the existing one to max (god help if you try, you'll be handing your house over), but then every single reputation track thereafter will require the purchase of Cartel Packs?

I'm disappointed enough that this one didn't have some attached quest content (I never expected it to be released in 1.7.2, more like 1.8 because it would have been a "big thing"), but this? Ugh.