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Dear Bioware,

I think you guys are going a little too far with these reputation grinds in cartel packs. I get that you want to put "less suck" and more tangible rewards into the cartel packs. They're popular items, and the people that are buying them are putting money back into this game's development.

I feel like it's just too much, though. The idea that one reputation system through real money purchases offer things I have limited access to was annoying enough, now I can look forward to a ton more of these things coming out constantly? I don't imagine a very large percentage of people have the funds to keep buying these packs. Therefore, this is catering to a very small elite of people who have a lot of extra income. Being able to buy these on the GTN isn't an ideal solution, either. amount of credits that one has to spend on multiple packs and multiple reputation is exhausting just to think about.

Please consider some other options. Maybe make the reputation items and certificates tradeable or find another way for people to earn them. I feel like this is clearly going against Damion Schuberts assertion that "the Cartel Market is not THE way to play the game" and that there is equal opportunity and effort to earn items in the game.
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