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What is the Cartel Market Reputation System?

We’ve added the Cartel Market Reputation System as a way of rewarding players who purchase multiple packs within a Shipment. Each Shipment will have its own Reputation track.

Lol, does this mean what I think it does? You're going to have even more of these 'Cartel only' Reputations in future Shipments??????

Have you guys been reading the feedback on this by any chance?

The first one wasn't overly popular and it was released yesterday, you're going to have more in the future? What future ingame reputation systems will subscribers get?
They have read them I'm sure They just cant really understand them with the dollar signs in their eyes. It's called the money mind trick.

When cartel packs are not good enough, how else will you entice your gaming community to buy more? F2P players are not buying all that much since $15 a month for the game is really to much for them. So, put that burden on the subscribers cause their $15 is also not enough.

Put in a way to rep grind with your wallet instead of actually playing the game. You know, the way gaming should be. The items gained of course are just fluff so for some, it doesn't really matter except that same mentality is not applied to other fluff rep grinds such as Gree or any of the others that offer fluff items to which I'm sure people would love to pay their way through them. Money is money when it comes to fluff.

Doesn't matter though, the deal has been struck.