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03.13.2013 , 11:08 AM | #7
Bubbles are great but the harder the content gets the harder the resource management gets. I found the hard way about using them 2 much. In HM FPs and dailies I spam the crap outa them, but in EC or HM KP/EV youll quickly run outa force. Like others hav said its about where and when 2 use.
A healers delight is a group that learns how to minimize the damage phases. Its blatantly clear the difference between healing an exp group vs one thts not. Somtimes its not possible to heal those squishy pvpers that totlly melt on a damage phase. Then u gota listen to them complain about not getting healed enough.
Also i switch between the +350 power and the +350 alacrity relics often. Not really sure if one's better then the other but 2bsure the casting boost(alacrity) is great for a sage cause IMO were pretty slow on the draw in terms of insta cast. The problem with that is the faster u cast the faster ur force bar drops so heres where the power relic is handy.
Augmenting every piece available also gave a noticable boost in life and power. I went with all Will/ End augs. I should Prob do the MIN/Max thing but some say its not tht big of a deal and if u do it needs to b right on. I seem 2 do fine with the standard gear progression and learning where n when to HOT/ Bubble/cc/ etc.