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Quote: Originally Posted by Firaksian View Post
Good event, I for one hate grinding multiple lvl 50s and this should really speed up the process.
Thanks for the segue! Let me blow your minds

My understanding of the system is that all of our boosts will multiply from the new base of 200%, so now is the perfect time to get those Legacy perks and XP boosts. I will show you why.

Let's say you planned to level during the March to Makeb entirely through... Flashpoints.

200% base experience
+25% Flashpoint Boost
+30% Flashpoint Legacy perk


Since both of the boosts are being applied to double base XP, they are also doubled. Do you know what that means?!

+310% bonus experience! That is over triple the experience. Enjoying your leveling my friends!

TLDR, yes they stack and for the math nerds it is multiplicative on top of the new base of 200% (assuming I understood it all correctly)

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