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03.13.2013 , 10:27 AM | #8
I don't see the big deal, as a matter of fact we ran alts and newer guild people through KP NiM and EV NiM the last two weeks just so they could get the titles. Most of these guild members have already completed HM TfB and HM EC. So we were there strictly for fun and titles. I see no reason to remove the titles, but then again I don't look at titles as a status symbols.

the time Im running around with Captain on my smuggler, or Master on my Jedi, the other I just have Flygirl up. Occasionally I will display a new title for a day or two, but then I will revert back to an old standard. I may not display them that often, but I do enjoy getting them on all my toons, so I would hate for them to be removed until I get all my Imp alts to 50.