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BiS as far as stats go is 2382 will, 340-354 crit, Rest power, 360 surge, and 240 alacrity (300/300 if you choose) for sorcs/ops. This will put you at just under 41% (42% with my build) crit proc and 780 bonus heals. Even with recklessness you're only losing 2% crit when bolstered for two moves every minute and a half. Assuming you have one EWHero and power dread guard clickie relic which is currently BiS as long as you remember to press it often.

Priority is

Static bubble if target heals is taking damage otherwise skip>purge if under DoT or status effect> resurgence>invert>revivification>Dark infusion as cooldown heal when not able to use revivification for fifteen seconds>Darkheal as emergency.

Whenever you drop a revivification and everyone is at a decent health level pop as many consumption as you can until you hit around 50% before using unnatural preservation and sit or heal others until you wait for force degeneration to wear off.

Save relic if a burn phase or high damage phase is coming up and couple it with an adrenal.

Buildwise use the 31/7/2 build. in my opinion, dropping one from force surge and adding it to seeping darkness is a better move as your chance to crit will be 42%^4 or 67%^4 and fifty prevent of the time it will proc anyway along with the fact sorcs have horribly regen as it is. You won't notice losing two force regen per force degradation. Coupled with the fact you'll always have a net gain using consumption and unnatural preservation it's a win in my opinion.

Edit: obviously use a willpower stim, and never use A or B mods as they give up too much secondary stats in exchange for willpower/endurance.