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I don't know for certain...but I feel like this is a statement I could believe. Whenever I RE a green item on par with my crafting skill level, it takes a lot of RE'ing to get the blue item....but if I RE an item very far below my current skill level, I only have to RE a couple or three at most to get the blue item. This would suggest a curvature in the RE possibility function being used as it relates to crafting skill level.

Which would explain why it's so difficult to obtain blue/purple endgame crafting schematics from RE.
In my opinion, it seems more likely we are all falling into the "watched pot never boils" syndrome: if you work crafting and missions when you do not need anything, the desired goal seems to happen more readily. But as soon as you feel you do need something that something just does not happen.

Take the situation I ran into two nights ago. I was trying to craft a belt for an alt. On my JK level 50, 400 synthweavver, it took 15 tries to get a level 25 green belt to RE into ONE schematic. I got lucky that it was the type I wanted (redoubt) and I stopped REing. I was also trying to make armoring and mods on my BH level 50, 400 cybertech for the same alt and it took 10 REs to get the resolve armoring and 9 REs to get the mod to generate blue schematics.

BUT then on that same cybertech, I started making grade 22 armoring and mod to RE (because I had a ton of material and felt like getting those schematics) and got the blue might armoring 22 schematic in one try.

My point is that the frustration of not getting what you want (whether it be a schematic from RE or a specific mission for a specific material) stems more from not getting it when you feel you need it, not from the system being designed a certain way.