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You need to boost your crit. Chance, power and alacrity. I find keeping op members shields up and refreshing as soon as they drop off, this helps tremendously for keeping the dps of enemies at a manageable level for heals to keep up with.
Apart from that I put my heal over time on the guy drawing aggro whether he needs it or not. So when the burst does inevitably come, they already have a healing effect on them. This can make the difference between them dying or just pull through long enough for you to put an instant heal or channeled heal on them.
That's about it really.
Crits on heals is also a big factor. I haven't hit end game yet and I don't have my aoe heal yet so I can't go into detail there. Hope this helps.
Oh goodness. This is almost the opposite of the advice I would give.

Firstly, don't bother boosting crit. You upskill both force crit and main stat as a Sorcerer and you will never be short of it even in Columi gear. If anything you'll soon find yourself wanting to reduce your crit in order to make room for more power. It's actually very easy to get a buffed critical % of over 40% without even trying. More than 40% is absolutely a waste. At 40%, your Recklessness will boost your critical chance by another 60% giving a guaranteed crit for when you need the big heals, and you are better served by stacking power and alacrity. Alacrity soon caps out in terms of increasing your HPS, but it massively increases your ability to burst heal and thus your responsiveness and versatility.

Secondly, don't bother bubbling anyone who's not taking direct damage. Save your Static Barrier for burst phases and for the tanks if appropriate. DPS are supposed to avoid damage and manage their own aggro, if they do their job properly it will make yours a lot easier. I'll use my bubble on trash pulls where I know force management isn't going to be an issue for convenience, but very sparingly on trickier fights.

Secondly your HOT is rubbish as a Sorcerer. The most useful function of Resurgence is to bring on Force Bending. If you've saved your bubble you can whack that on after a damage spike and that will buy you the time you need. If not, Innervate does the job of buying a little time very nicely.

Finally force management is the key for end-game PVE. Ops bosses are much longer fights than you will typically encounter in a PVP setting - 5 to 15 minutes - and poor force management is what will let you down every time. Use Resurgence / Innervate / Consumption as part of your regular rotation to top up your force, even if you end up healing yourself or someone who does not need healing. Don't wait until your force is low, start using it at about 60% so you have reserves for unexpected circumstances. Save your Revification for clustered party members (e.g. a ranged DPS group or melee surrounding a boss) and avoid using it at all on single targets or in fights which are very mobile.

Be parsimonious, and don't put up with DPS taking massive damage through sheer laziness and incompetence and expecting you to pull them through. Make sure your ops leader keeps them in line!
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