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Hey there folks!

I've got a bit more information for you about gift packages not giving Digital Deluxe players the correct items in their reward emails. First, we added this to the Known Issues yesterday. The bug only affects gift packages created after 1.7.2, and doesn't not affect the old ones that might still be lingering in mailboxes.

Secondly, as the known issue states, both Digital Deluxe and Collector's Edition accounts are be affected, though differently.

Finally, I don't yet have a good estimate for when we'll be deploying a fix, but we want to be sure the resolution is thorough. It's a high priority, and we'll continue to communicate any new info into this thread.

thanks for the response Amber

Doesn't exactly help when I'm itching to roll another character and there's no speeder,or mission item to get up into the lounge lol

I guess it's like how long is a piece of string at the moment when it will get fixed considering how long some of the bugs have been on that list ..

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